Golden Axe

Golden Axe

Surely, if one piece of equipment encapsulates the mountaineer's spirit, it is the ice axe. In 1786, the alpenstocks, along with a standard hatchet to cut steps in the ice, got Jacques Balmat and his companion Michael Paccard to make the first ascent of Mont Blanc.⁠⠀

In about 1840 in Courmayeur, Italy, the Grivel Family constructed an ice axe to the order of a visiting English alpinist, who laid out specific parameters that became the standard in alpinism for ages.⁠⠀

In the 50s, Hammish Mc Innes forged the first 100% metal axe with a revolutionary beak to climb the Highlands couloir. ⁠⠀

In the late 60s, Walter Cecchinel conceived, improved, and refined the piolet traction technique, using the ice tools invented by Mr. Chouinard and molded by Monsieur Charlet Moser.⁠⠀

At the end of the 70s, Jeff Lowe and some other amazing fellas in the US and Gian Carlo Grassi and Gianni Comino in Europe started the icefall climbing era.⁠⠀

The rest is history.⁠⠀

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