By fair means

Finally our first limited editon collection
is available in our store

We are an independent brand of technical garments and equipment for mountaineering and mountain sports.

  1. Golden Axe

    Surely, if one piece of equipment encapsulates the mountaineer's spirit, it is the ice axe.
  2. Heinz Mariacher, free spirit

    At only 11, he accomplishes his first solo ascent, a fifth-grade route without any equipment. 
  3. Carabiners

    Carabiners are the most essential pieces of the climbing life. These small metal clippers are both the staple of any rack and the icon by which non-climbers identify our sport.⁠⁠⁠
  4. Weissmies

    Translated as “White Moss,” it was climbed for the first time in 1855 by Jacob Christian Häuser and Peter Josef Zubriggen, a notary.