You're in good hands with us. We stand by every single product we craft, promising to shield you from manufacturing mishaps and defects for their regular lifespan. And hey, just to put a timestamp on it, we're talking a solid two (2) years for all our garments, and three (3) years for the hardware.

Now, let's get real. While we're all about ensuring your gear's longevity, we can't cover the cracks from your adventures, poor upkeep, or DIY tinkering. Wear and tear and personal overhauls? Sorry, not covered.

But don't sweat it. If you happen to stumble upon a manufacturing hiccup in your AlpineStandards gear (we keep 'em to a minimum, promise), here's what to do:

You Rocked the In-Store Purchase

Whip out that product and receipt, and hit up the store where you snagged it. They'll be the bridge between you and us.

You're a alpinestandards.com patron

  1. Time to pen a little email adventure. Describe what's off about your gear, throw in some pics for good measure.
  2. We'll then drop you a Return Authorization Number, kind of like a secret passcode. Alongside, we'll slide in some instructions to get that product back to us. Toss in the original proof of purchase. Ship it on your dime, though. And make sure that return number is flashing on the package.
  3. Once we've got our hands on the return and the issue is on us, we'll work the magic. We'll patch things up or swap your gear, no cost on your end if it's applicable.
  4. If it's a hiccup not covered by our promise but fixable, we'll give you a heads-up. Fixing it would be on you. We're all about that upfront communication. Once fixed, we'll send it back your way, your wallet, your postage.
  5. We're all about speed too. You'll usually have your gear back in fighting form within 15 workdays. Yeah, we're that good.

Remember, we're not just your gear maker. We're your adventure ally, ready to tackle the bumps together. So get out there, do your thing, and rest assured we've got your back.

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